REconomy Recognition for Restart

Congratulations to The Restart Project for being selected a one of 20 top enterprises of the new economy by REconomy (a Transition Network project)! Restart was co-founded by a member of Transition Belsize, and they're hosting their next event on July 31st at Belsize Community Library, 6-9pm.Read more about the report and download it in full here

July Newsletter


With this current heatwave, the plants at our food-growing sites are bolting, going to seed rather than growing slowly to give us the big leaves, roots and fruits that are good to eat. We need help keeping them watered so that they slow down. You can help us by dropping by whenever you like – maybe on your way home from work once a week – and watering the beds.

London Permaculture Festival - A Great Success!

I only learned that Transition was the fruit of permaculture when I did a Permaculture Course with Steve Jones in May, which removed (some) scales from my eyes. Hence it was with enormous pleasure that I turned down a hip fest in Wales in order to host a Transition Belsize stand at the London Permaculture Festival, held at Cecil Sharpe House on Sunday 14th July, as a permaculture newby! It revealed to me why I didn't like 'horticulture' - or rather 'monoculture' - and the staggering inefficiency of our current electricity-generating and heat-generating system... My Transition friends had already educated me on peak oil.

'Our school 2030'

Over at another of our local primary schools, Fitzjohns, Stephen of Transition Belsize, was delighted to have the opportunity to display the fantastic model of the vision for an green Fitzjohns school in 2030, which the kids had created last term at his eco club. What amazed Stephen was the highly considered approach the kids took to the project, for example the kids felt that by 2030 we would need to grow alot more of our own food, but becase we live in a cold climate, there would need to be lots of greenhouses - so a big part of the site is filled with greenhouses. THe other main design challenge included how to make the energy generation centre attractive, as another big chunk of the site revolved around energy generation and saving!