Fruitery Open Day

No Transition Belsize hasn't started a Transport Group. It's just that one of the visitors to our Fruitery open day arrived in this vehicle - a 1905 Ford. We escaped the rain and we were able to show people the progress that had been made in the garden. We started thinking about how we would lay out the plants for next year.

Restart Project

jointly fixing stuff,

The Restart Project aims at reducing electronic waste and helping communities to reskill around fixing of electrical appliances and all sorts of electronic gadgets. We organise Restart Parties across London and aim at creating an online platform to map and review all kinds of repairers, thus supporting them and making it easier for normal people to find them.

Restart is inspired by the principles of Transition. It was co-founded by Ugo, member of Transition Belsize.  Other members of the group have already taken part in community repair events organised by Restart. We are alway looking for new members, so feel free to contact us for all kinds of collaboration and ideas.

North London Festival of Transition - 12-22 June

Local Transition groups are hosting events as part of the North London Festival of Transition, which is exploring ways of living differently and imagining a greener, happier future in our local communities. The global Festival of Transition is a series of events, talks and walks up and down the country culminating in a nationwide day of action and re-imagining on Wednesday 20th June 2012, the first day of the UN Earth Summit in Rio. It's an invitation to explore how overcoming big challenges can lead to better lives for us all. Click on the image on the left to see the event poster.

Notes from Coordinating Group Meeting - 30th May 2012

Green Fair 2012

We learned a lot last year

We should focus on what works well – not get distracted

Invite others to come along and set up

It takes more than one person to organize

Need to raise sponsorship

Need to explore early on – how to get more people involved – maybe by breaking it into specific tasks

Meeting in June – call out for volunteers in July


Theme? discuss later

Budgens cob oven collapsed – needs a new one


Should have specific event afterwards to promote

Hard for us to run things and engage with people at the same time – need more volunteers – maybe some allocated specifically for that

The Premier Inn Hotel Car Park Site

Transition Belsize's first public food growing site in the car park of the Premier Inn Hotel

In 2010 the Transition Belsize Food Growing group installed raised beds made from old pallets in the corner of the Premier Inn Hotel car park on Ornan Road (see photos). The site was and is a huge success. A group of local residents maintain it and harvest food from it. Hotel staff are very proud of it. Hotel guests and passersby visit it. Rainwater is collected from a nearby wall to water it. Food waste is recycled through two wormeries and returned to the site as compost. It’s wonderful example of both Transition and permaculture in practice. 

We always need extra hands so please come and join us if you’d like to help out, or to learn about food growing and permaculture, or simply to visit and chat.