Arts and Creativity

The Arts and Creativity group formed in early 2009, and together we have run a host of creative workshops and events. 

We are a collective drawn from the local community, interested in the broad range and scope of the Arts, particularly how the arts can inspire, transform, nurture, connect and re-skill the community, whilst offering a different perspective in how we imagine and transition towards the future.

In June 2009 we were part of a unique collaborative Arts event with Gallery 176 and their Artist in Residence, Matt Stokes. Together with another local community group, 'No 1 Camden Park Road' we created "Unwrapping the Present" which was an imaginative and energetic weekend of visual arts, music, poetry, story-telling, local history, film, locally foraged food and cookery demos, photography, re-making and re-skilling.

Since then we have run hands-on workshops and evenings connecting the local community, celebrating the handmade, sharing, reviving and maintaining a range of arts and craft based skills, including, crochet, knitting, book-binding & book making, mending & darning, felting, sewing, model theatre making, transforming paper, pop up books, origami, decoupage, festive decorations, and 'any old rags'.

We meet regularly at the delightful Oliver's Village Cafe, in Belsize Lane, NW3 - Everyone is welcome!

We'd especially love to hear from you if you have any ideas for future arts gatherings and events. We're always looking for new ideas for our evenings, so if you have any arts or crafts or skills you'd like to share, please do let us know!