As a group we explore all aspects of well-being, both the inner and the outer.  Being healthy is an important aspect of well-being and life style plays a major part in determining this. 

We have a wide range of activities that educate and we draw on and share expertise both inside and outside the group.  Our activities include: films, walk and talk, circle dancing, discussions about food, diet, beliefs,  quiz nights, talks on various natural therapies, healthy parenting, inner transition sessions and much more.

Self-sufficiency in the community extends into our personal lives and our health and well-being.  It cultivates an attitude of personal responsibility and awareness that means we can often prevent problems arising in the first place.  We learn how to treat conditions naturally when it is appropriate rather than being dependant on pharmaceuticals, many of which come from oil derivatives. 

Our Inner Transition sessions create a space in our busy lives to take time to explore the more subtle aspects of our being that drive our behaviour and to understand and make the changes that we want and need to make for a happier and more sustainable future.

Group objectives

Aiming at low carbon foot-print therapies and oil-independent remedies, the Wellbeing group focuses on preparing members for a sustainable future.  Our main goals are to:

•   Maintain and self-sustain community physical, emotional and spiritual well-being

•   Approach all aspects of maintaining good health and educate ourselves on how to do so

•  Encourage illness prevention rather than intervention

•  Bring different forms of therapies together, e.g.psychotherapy, natural medicines, diet.. in a sustainable and oil-independent system.

Challenge the established concepts that are linked with our well-being and health and provide the opportunity to discuss new ideas and express emotions related to a “Transition Town awareness”.

•  To  integrate the concept of well-being so that it is an integral part of all the Transition Belsize groups and projects.