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Members of Transition Belsize:

Adriana TC

Aware a better future will be a sustainable and free from oil dependance one, believing the only way forward is to appreciate and develop the community we live in, adapting and have fun whilst...

Alexis Rowell

I was one of the co-founders of Transition Belsize back in 2008. It began as a campaign to reduce plastic bag use in Belsize. That grew into the first Belsize Green Fair on Saturday 27 September...

Ugo Vallauri

Citizen of the world, resident of NW3. Passionate about the power of communities as agents of change and the role new communication technologies can play in helping us reskill and recreate...

Paul Mackay

I run the Fruit harvesting Abundance group and am on the steering group.

Sarah Nicholl

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Carla Ranicki

I started getting involved with Transition Belsize because I wanted to do something in my local neighbourhood to help the environment and feel part of a community. Since early 2010 I've...

Tom Simon

I'm a Camden Councillor for Belsize Ward and keen to support Transition Belsize in its interactions with the Council. I've helped organise the Belsize Green Fair every year since it was...


TB Group Treasurer & supporter of Transition aims: community-led process that helps our neighbourhood become stronger and happier.

Part of the local foraging community...

lauren thompson

Hi I live in NW3 and involved with Transition Belsize and I'm part of the draughtbusting team!

ebun kolawola

hello there i would like to join the energy saving group

Debbie Bourne

It's great to be part of a local community. Let's see what we can all do to make Belsize Transition really happen, and have fun in the process.

Lakshmi Pillay

Hi I work full time but would like to assist with gardening conservation work or other tasks if necessary and would like to attend film nights etc

Paul Allen

I am the coordinator of the Energy group and can provide advice on energy efficiency and renewable power.

Lesley Moss

I've now lived in Belsize Park for 6 years.  I've mostly watched the Transition activities from the outside, though I did participate for a month in the Food Bag scheme.  I'd...


I live in Belsize and I met Transition at various green and local fairs

I am a qualifed accountant, a qualified cranio-sacral and shiatsu therapist, I love raw food (making & eating)...

Patrick Farkas

I would like to have a more sustainable way of life and to share my skills with members of the local community

Jane Susanna Ennis

Have known about you for some time...and have followed your activities with interest.

dave brenneman

I found out about Transition Belsize at the 2011 Green Fair. I spotted the cob oven, and stopped at the booth to find out more...

A Maynard

Been around from the beginning - fan of the green movement


Bal Goraya

I live in the surrounding area of Belsize and am interested in health and well-being as well as making my own chemical free products.