Food Group Meeting - 17 November 2011 - Notes and Actions

Food Group Meeting - 17 November 2011 - Notes and Actions

Present: Alexis, Ali, Anique, Ay Lin, Carla, Deepa, Elisabetta, Paul M, Sarah N, Steve P, Tom S.

Food Growing on Highways Licence

Almost everyone was optimistic and keen to make it work. It’s bigger than just TB since this would be the first time that any community organisation in London has been given the right to use Highways land like this. The one sticking point is what it actually means to be a named licensee, apart from giving Camden Council someone to contact if they have a question or there’s a problem. In theory any liabilities should be covered by our Public Liability Insurance. Alexis & Tom to check. NB See the bottom of this page for the draft licence as a Word document.

Alara Wholefoods Forest Garden behind Kings Cross

The permaculture class Sarah and Alexis are teaching will be visiting the Alara Wholefoods Forest Garden in Camley St Industrial Estate. Others wanted to know about visiting it. Alexis to check on open and volunteering days.

Barnet Allotments

Ay Lin to check out the possibility and logistics of us getting some allotments just over the border in Barnet. This would be as individuals but we could work them as a group.

Food Directory

We actually have quite a lot of information on local shops and businesses who are trying to do green stuff, many of whom we helped. Now that we have a new website it feels like time to put this information in the public domain. Coincidentally Paul M noticed this morning that TTKingston are just about to launch their Green Directory:! Anique has very kindly offered to lead on this so please could everyone who has any information on local shops and businesses please email her via She will then standardise the information and add to it if necessary, then Paul will help her put it on the website. As we said last night, Anique, there’s no deadline for this – it would just be nice to have one day.

Food Buying

Before the veg & eggs bag quite a lot of work was done on buying sustainable products. Carla and Sarah to look at putting that info on the TB website.

Fruit Trees/Abundance

We looked at the Google Map on the TB website and were all impressed at how many trees are already on there. If you know of any more fruit trees in our area, then please tell Paul M. Transition KT have some kit which allows juice to be made from fruit by steaming. We have a tool for drying fruit and veg. Paul M and Alexis are exploring putting on a Steaming and Drying Workshop.

Foraging/Plant Identification

Steve still has some Hampstead Heath edible plant identification quizzes in the form of leaflets that can be used. Someone suggested doing it with England’s Lane bookshop. Steve, Paul M and Elisabetta are to liaise on putting the foraging/plant ID info Steve has on to the TB website. Steve pointed out that although the Corporation of London are dead against foraging on Hampstead Heath they are very interested in us helping them to identify plants!

Cob Ovens

There are now two TB-built cob ovens in the area – at Budgens and a new one at Fitzjohn’s Primary School. Paul M to put Cob up on the website as a project.

Specimen Highways Licence - latest.doc50 KB