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Foraging brings happiness as a result of being usefully employed and having a purpose to life, as follows:

  • Connect (with family, friends and neightbours, and invest timein making relationships);
  • Be active (walk, run, garden, dance);
  • Take notice (be curious, notice the changing seasons);
  • Keep learning (try something new)
  • Give (do something for a friend or a neighbour, smile)

So why not get involved. Join the Food Group or email

Most active group in North London is:



A recommended App

You can buy the Foragers Apprentice from the iPhone store and through the app's website.

2013 Calender in .pdf for printing


Good people to follow:





The Foraging Code of Conduct

Transition Belsize has adopted a "No Pick Policy" on Hampstead Heath

Elsewhere the the Law and Bye Laws might apply:

We encourage a Code of Conduct:


The local foraging community has a focus on:


- Wild Food Walks: Upskilling local people on plant identification and uses (especially sharing this knowledge with young urbanites)

- Medicinal Foraging events (infusions, decoctions and tincture-making from wild & garden herbs)
- Developing a sustainable approach to Urban Foraging (Including the development of a Code of Conduct, the concept Wild Food Husbandry & propagation techniques)
- Surveying and mapping so as to contribute to the local knowledge base (gardens, allotments, waste land etc)
- Enjoying foraging trips with Urban Harvest and other North West London Transition Groups